You Don't Have to Live With a PMI Payment Forever

Start the process of PMI removal with our Las Vegas, NV company

Did you purchase your home with less than 20% down? Then, chances are, you had to include PMI in your mortgage payment. While this extra fee can make a significant difference, you don't have to live with it through the life of your loan. Value Able in Las Vegas, NV can help you get the PMI removal reporting necessary to give to your lender. With a PMI cancellation, you can save hundreds of dollars every month to use on the things that matter.

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Do you qualify for PMI removal?

Certain stipulations must be met for you to qualify for a PMI cancellation. To be considered:

  • You need to have owned the home for at least five years
  • Your loan balance has to be less than 80% of the home's value
  • Your mortgage balance is less than 75%, and you've owned the home for at least two years

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